Touch screen surveys

Surveypoint further expands ANNOUNCE24 facilitating the creation of touchscreen friendly surveys.

Key features

The Surveypoint module has fantastic features designed to easily create a multitude of survey types.

Built from the outset for touchscreen operation, Surveypoint module works superbly on phones and tablets as well as touch screen kiosks and PCs.

Question types:

  • Single/Multi-choice questions
  • Image questions
  • Preference ranges
  • Smiley faces
  • Text input
  • Form builder
  • Comments box
  • 'other' answer option

Advanced features:

  • Skip logic
  • Mandatory answers
  • Export results to spreadsheet
  • Timed responses
  • Style customisation and branding
  • Survey progress options
  • Image uploads for image-style answers
  • Images in preference range questions
  • Start and end dates

Applications Focus - NHS Surveys

Getting feedback from service users at Hospitals, Surgeries and other NHS departments

Surveypoint delivers the Friends and Family Test (FFT) and General Practice Assessment Questionnaires


Branding and styling options

Surveypoint was developed with branding in mind.

Upload your logo, header and/or background images and chose colour options for text as well as navigation elements.

Report and Export

Surveypoint makes it easy to view current survey feedback.

Export all or partial results to a CSV file for import into microsoft Excel.

Question types

A host of question types to create intuitive and powerful surveys

From single/multi-choice through to text input, form creation and preference ranges with images. Survey answers can be optional or mandatory and show 'other' as an answer input. Combine with skip-logic to make your surveys quick and easy to use.

Branch and skip logic

Surveypoint ensures your users complete the survey as efficiently as possible.

Branching to groups of questions or skipping over one or more questions dependent on previous responses is achieved easily within the content management system.

Timed responses

Find out which questions require more thought

Each response is timed to the millisecond to provide feedback as to the complexity of your surveys.

Surveys can also be sheduled - daily, weekly, monthly with start and end date as well as only being visible during a select period of a day.

What's your preference?

Surveypoint module includes preference-style questions

Surveypoint enables both text based and images for preference answers. Upload images to use against preference questions as well as asking for responses about a specific image.

Multi-user administration

Assign administrators and other users to the system

Users can be assigned select access to the sytem to create and edit surveys, view results and other features.

Progress options

Surveypoint includes various options for indicating progress through a survey

Select from Q x of y, progress bars and other options.

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